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We Built This For You!

After months of introspection, market research, global trend analysis and personal and collective inspiration, NuYuga is now emerging from its chrysalis to soar from the mountain peak lookout over the global natural health product and food industry. We have poured ourselves ardently into preparing this platform as a launchpad for our entire community. NuYuga represents the new age of health and authenticity. We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving each other and the entire spectrum of life on this planet and beyond. You are receiving these words in recognition of the purity and clarity of your purpose in alignment with NuYuga's vision. And our honouring and infinite gratitude for all the wind you have already put in our sails. This is our official invitation to you to synergize our activities through entrepreneurial, artistic and philanthropic enterprises as we roll them out. NuYuga’s team has legions of talented, dedicated and trustworthy experts who are each masters of their field in their own right. You are our foundation. Right now you're reading this on our brand-new website...mind the wet paint. These are the bare bones of what is already growing fast and furiously beyond our present capacity to channel into creation - that's why we are flying this flag now for you and everyone to jump on board! NuYuga is a team. It is also comprised of several business entities – as well as non-profit, artistic, research, educational, humanitarian and media arms. At the top we are a co-operative with shares for all. One has your name! Okay, the actual top is a big party celebrating the victory lap of all our lives in having come together in this way now. What makes this personally [...]

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Create Your Future

Interest and energy input into natural health is exploding worldwide, as people everywhere are waking up to the true nature of self-healing and paying less heed to marketing hype and profiteering agendas. More and more, earnest and integrous people, groups and organizations are creating exceptional products and services to naturally support their own health and that of their clan, clients, and community. We help interested parties seeking to private label existing natural health products or develop their own custom product line. Your lead-generation can be the catalyst that opens up a whole universe of production and revenue, and is highly valued and rewarded for successful projects. For example, you may know someone who has a thriving holistic clinic with a known and trusted brand which they are ready to leverage and expand upon. You can refer our trusted team to advise them from concept to finish and guide their project in every step. These types of referrals can provide significant returns because they can be continuing. Your referral commission from the initial round of business can be supplemented by residual payments in perpetuity with ongoing orders and manufacture of completed products. Sometimes a product you help birth is so great on its own you may prefer to be compensated with a personal or family supply, an option which can be more valuable in the long run and is often appreciated by health enthusiasts. With the top natural health brands and products in our lineup and more dawning every day, this window to access and help give birth to new creations is an invaluable resource we are thrilled to extend to you. Check out our Private Label and Custom Formulation info pages for further information, and [...]

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A Shift Hit The Fan

The new regulatory regime for natural health products and foods is designedly a complex labyrinth to navigate. Acquiring a licence for your herbal health or food product requires research, paperwork, integration and implementation of the regulations and umpteen hours of communication and verifications. Creating a Nutrition Facts Table, for example, may seem like a simple task, yet it can take several hours of combing through and interpreting the compliancy regulations - and if inexperience leads to omissions or errors, your product could be seized as inadmissible or another contender in the market may file for an investigation. Do you have a site licence for your food products? Spring 2014 will see this new mandatory requirement brought online by Health Canada. Does your natural health product have an NPN? All NHPs are now coming under the scrutiny and jurisdiction of Health Canada - and we have already been called upon to step in and help keep known and trusted national brands on the shelf and available for sale to Canadians following seizures and import blockages by government bodies. The newly created Novel Food Division is evolving daily in its scope and mandate as the burgeoning movement of functional and therapeutic foods demonstrates the shift in nutritional awareness taking place across Canada and worldwide, and governmental efforts to keep up with and manage this field of innovation and experimentation on behalf of public health. This new chapter in our adventure story of bringing natural health and wellness to primacy in the collective consciousness of the world under the oversight of national and international regulatory agencies may appear daunting or even perilous. Rest assured that it is simply a new set of game rules to operate within and [...]

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We’re Growing! ;-D

Our expertise in herbs knows no limits! Nutraceuticals, functional foods and medical marijuana are among the hottest trending topics relevant to our health and wellbeing right now. We are exquisitely perched on the nexus point of these fields and have exciting news to report that now, officially, the floodgates are open. The truth has prevailed and we are helping steer real medicine into the hands of those who need it most. We have multiple projects currently underway or standing by for further development and growth. This is a call-out. We need people power. We are always excited to meet experts, artisans, wizards and alchemists who are developing new recipes, researching novel ingredients, synergizing seemingly diverse fields or otherwise breaking new ground in the sphere of natural health and wellness. NuYuga has spent years specializing in the legalization and development of natural herbs & foods and making them accessible, legal and safe for consumers. We have welcomed some leading adepts in medical marijuana to our team and are also accepting new members that have knowledge in this arena. We are developing several subdivisions and categories to serve this marketplace - please contact us to see where you may fit in our expanding R&D team.

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Harness Your Network!

The greatest assets we have in NuYuga are our relationships with trusted individuals in the natural health industry. Whether holistic practitioners, massage therapists, healers, food alchemists or other, you have been our voice for good and provided invaluable connections - and often made referral commissions and residual income through introducing clients and helping to activate projects. The natural health community is large and vast - at some point we all know products, companies, groups or entrepreneurs seeking advice in some aspect of product development or growth. In addition, since the whole regulatory market has just shifted and all natural health products and foods are now being regulated (nationally and globally), our services are in high demand to help products we know and love (and use ourselves) to legally stay available for purchase, for all our health and betterment. You likely have countless referrals that can be made or project launch buttons ready to push, and we provide higher-than-industry-standard commission structures and referral fees. We're all in this together. :-) Never underestimate the power of one person making a single connection. Our success as a company gives testament to the potential for exponential growth through providing exceptional value in service and allowing for word-of-mouth expansion. One project referral can lead to ten can lead to perpetual residual commission, as our compass is pointed unerringly towards longevity in all ventures. Our networks and yours are overflowing with opportunity to make connections and activate any number of worthy and winning projects...here now we have the infrastructure and the impetus to unite under one banner and seize the reins of our future and that of our community at large. We are here in service and we offer you our [...]

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