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Branding & Identity

Today’s consumers of natural products connect with thousands of brands throughout the day: does your brand stand out from the crowd? NuYuga can assist in your brand development, thereby improving your growth rate and leadership position.

We provide key information on future trends and developments, in addition to advising which market attributes are important when considering a branding strategy for a new product.

The NuYuga team understands how to build a credible and sophisticated brand identity. This includes the look and feel, top-level messages and specific language used to describe the brand.

Part of the creation of the Branding and Identity is reflected in the knowledge of the industry and exposure to worldwide markets, expos, conferences, trade shows and research. Our team’s experience in these aspects, coupled with our award-winning marketing and design expertise, can help you create a brand that has maximum potency and impact.

Branding is everything – your name, logo, corporate identity kit, product labelling, packaging, website, and reference/marketing materials.

According to branding specialist, Lynda Goldman, who also helps nutrition supplement and natural product companies generate fresh customers daily:

“Many companies, from start-ups to corporations, jump into tactical marketing before they identify their brand strategy. Your brand is the foundation of your business. Skipping the critical step of creating a brand is like building a house by starting on the second floor. You may be working hard, but without a solid foundation your business can crumble. A brand is a serious corporate asset. This is especially true in the natural products industry, where consumers are looking for companies that match their values. In general, natural product buyers don’t pluck the lowest price products off the shelf as readily as others consumers. They are informed about ingredients, and read labels and marketing copy. As a result, they become passionate about brands that deliver on their promises.”