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Custom Formulation

Natural Health Products (NHPs)

NuYuga uses modern, peer-reviewed clinical trials supported by national and international scientific networks, as well as traditional references as the foundation for all natural health products. Health Canada regulatory experts are also consulted in order to ensure that the formulations meet the standards of the Natural Health Product Directorate of Canada (NHPD).

Once the formulation for the product is determined, the highest quality herbs, ingredients and other materials are obtained, preferably from a local source.

Herbs are carefully tested and analyzed by a third party laboratory.  The final result is a customized, superior quality natural product.  We also provide the packaging, labels and marketing materials if required.

In the case of herbal supplements, the NHPD requires certain regulatory measures be taken, for example, applying for a ‘natural product number’ or NPN. NuYuga can provide this service for your company.


In the case of formulating a food product, Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are all consulted:

  • Health Canada develops policies, regulations and standards related to the health, nutritional and safety aspects of foods governed under the Act and Regulations. Health Canada also develops guidance documents to assist industry in compliance.
  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency enforces the Act and the associated requirements established by Health Canada as they relate to food safety and nutritional quality. It maintains the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising, a tool to help industry, consumers and inspectors interpret food policies and regulations.
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, through the Growing Forward policy framework, provides information and guidance to industry groups on food policy and regulatory issues.

NuYuga communicates with the three federal departments regularly as well as supporting innovation, safety and competitiveness of your product.In addition, we have a team of experts that provide assistance in research, food claims, sourcing innovative ingredients and consultation with food artisans with specialized experience in the creation of unique, marketable foods that are best suited to your brand.