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If you are in the Nutraceutical/Natural Health Products industry (Vitamins/Minerals/Herbals), Health Canada mandates that these products must be handled in a Site Licensed Facility. Our trusted partners, MMP Enterprises, specialize in Canadian Order Fulfillment Services in the Nutraceutical/Natural Health Products industry.  

NuYuga carefully researched every fulfillment company in Canada and we feel fortunate to have been led to MMP: our choice to do business with ourselves, and to recommend to all our clients. MMP exemplifies the cutting edge of service in the following aspects:

  • Your own designated Account Manager, who is your trusted guide and will navigate you through every step with ease
  • Initial I.T. setup – no costs, plus use of FTP Site
  • Pick and Pack
  • Light assembly
  • Warehousing – no storage fee for active accounts
  • Receiving – no charge for active accounts
  • Mailing services
  • Cross-docking
  • Same day shipping
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Return goods processing
  • In-house Quality Assurance Support
  • Online Client Care Centre – 24/7 for all your needs

Facilities are:

  • GMP compliant & climate controlled
  • Site licensed with in-house Q&A
  • Fully secured and insured
  • Beautiful & immaculate
  • Highly competitive rates – you won’t find better service and pricing in Canada

Clients can enjoy accessing fully transparent information about their products online with detailed reports, inventory updates, billing, shipment, batch logs, quarantine item reports, lot histories and information regarding returned/damaged goods as well as announcements and updates.

In our experience elsewhere in the industry it is common to find hidden fees and unquoted charges. MMP offers a flat service charge per order and impeccable personal account management, attesting to their success in business since 1981. Their methodology is effortless and turn-key!

Location is central, within a 20-minute radius of major highways in the GTA. There are also warehouse facilities in Kissimmee, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada in the US.

Kudos and thanks again to MMP as we enjoy growing together!