Harness Your Network!

//Harness Your Network!

Harness Your Network!

The greatest assets we have in NuYuga are our relationships with trusted individuals in the natural health industry. Whether holistic practitioners, massage therapists, healers, food alchemists or other, you have been our voice for good and provided invaluable connections – and often made referral commissions and residual income through introducing clients and helping to activate projects.

The natural health community is large and vast – at some point we all know products, companies, groups or entrepreneurs seeking advice in some aspect of product development or growth. In addition, since the whole regulatory market has just shifted and all natural health products and foods are now being regulated (nationally and globally), our services are in high demand to help products we know and love (and use ourselves) to legally stay available for purchase, for all our health and betterment. You likely have countless referrals that can be made or project launch buttons ready to push, and we provide higher-than-industry-standard commission structures and referral fees. We’re all in this together. 🙂

Never underestimate the power of one person making a single connection. Our success as a company gives testament to the potential for exponential growth through providing exceptional value in service and allowing for word-of-mouth expansion. One project referral can lead to ten can lead to perpetual residual commission, as our compass is pointed unerringly towards longevity in all ventures. Our networks and yours are overflowing with opportunity to make connections and activate any number of worthy and winning projects…here now we have the infrastructure and the impetus to unite under one banner and seize the reins of our future and that of our community at large. We are here in service and we offer you our word in partnership as we prosper and grow.

the time will never be better

Our mandate, mission statement and mantras are Obviousness & Effortlessness and Push-button Solutions. We’ve mapped out the terrain ahead of the game so your roll of the die can be as easy as that. We lay everything out on the table in full transparency and accountability, and code residual income for your highly valued contribution into the framework of each project. There is plenty for all.

Everyone is busy these days as time is crunching – rather than distract from your careers and lives, we offer enrichment thereof, and a breeze fresh with timelessness. We become a community support network where everyone participates in abundance in all forms and ultimately, we all know we’re working together for health and happiness in our world.

Now is the time we bootstrap ourselves and each other upwards and onwards in prosperity and in perpetuity.

And yes, we have NuYuga business cards and email addresses and brochures and affiliate networks and all support materials ready for you.

It’s on! 😀

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