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Ingredient Sourcing

Herb or Food Ingredient Sourcing

Whatever your product may be – health bar, protein powder, novel food, herbal supplement – your success greatly depends upon the pricing and quality of sourcing of the ingredients. Is your ingredient locally sourced? Is it ethically grown? Certified Organic? It is this type of questions to which consumers are becoming increasingly savvy.

A case example is a client that was creating a superfood health bar, with exotic ingredients and herbs from distant countries. The product was selling well but then experienced fluctuating prices with some of their key ingredients. Energy costs, oil costs and climate change were all having an impact. This prompted NuYuga to provide key solutions to replace or find better sources of ingredients and cut costs to establish our client’s place as a market leader again.

The source of raw herbs for NuYuga formulas come from *TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and NHPD certified companies. Herbs are also inspected by traditional herb handlers who verify the quality through microscopic inspections and identification. Authenticity criteria and standardized chemical constituents follow NHPD pharmacopoeia standards. All raw materials that are used for NuYuga formulations are stored in humidity- and temperature-controlled warehouses. Thin liquid chromatography qualitative analysis, as well as qualitative and quantitative HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) analyses are conducted on raw herbs and finished products.

Consistency of herbal medicines is demonstrated through the identification of the active constituents present in the herbs used. In addition, tests for pesticides and heavy metal contents ensure the highest product and safety standards. The manufacturing process and equipment used are designed to minimize the inherent problems in the extraction and concentration of herbs while maximizing product efficiency, yield, and quality.

Regarding our food ethos, NuYuga favours cultivating relationships with producers that are not only fairly priced; they also have the highest standards of integrity and quality. For example, the NuYuga team is constantly scouting the globe for connections to food producers that embody these qualities:

* 100 percent certified (i.e. Organic, Fair Trade), and non- or transitionally-certified “beyond organic” biodynamic or sustainable agriculture ethically-produced products.

* Ingredients that are free from additives, artificial anything, trans or hydrogenated fats  – or any GM (genetically modified) aspect.

* Found as locally to their project area as possible – keeping food fresher, cutting transport costs and lessening the carbon footprint. 

* Food that is sourced from Indigenous communities in a symbiotic way (e.g. aligned with companies that help replenish and build ecosystems).

* Organizations that engage in Horizontal Trade relationships.

* Producers that provide ingredient choices that are without dairy, gluten, soy and other allergens, with vegan designation are ideal.

* Sustainably grown ingredients that are sourced directly from farmers.

* Food providers that have cutting-edge ingredients that provide maximum potency in nutrition, taste, and quality.  We scour the world continuously through our networks to unearth the best new ingredient ideas to set your brand apart  – and for you to make exceptional label claims that differentiate your product entirely.  At the same time we ensure every ingredient is properly researched so it is compliant with health regulations.

Overall, we exclusively foster partnerships with ingredient providers whom engage in purchasing decisions that are made as sustainably, ethically and responsibly as available anywhere within the commercial framework worldwide. And we strive to be ever better as stewards of our human family and ecosystem.