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Label Creation


We understand the importance of communicating product information between buyers and sellers; it is one of the primary means by which consumers differentiate between individual products and brands to make informed purchasing choices. Thus, your label is one of your most important communication tools, so it is vital to make sure it is impeccably done.

The label not only must be written to please the consumer, it also must be compliant. The NuYuga team is adept in all standardized labelling requirements specified in the Natural Health Products Regulations (the Regulations) when selling a natural health product (NHP) within Canada.

It is imperative that the labelling of all ingredients in NHPs is complete and for warnings to be clear. Our label specialists are kept up-to-date with the changing and often complex regulatory guidelines; thus, they are able to quickly analyze and interpret the regulatory guidelines and apply them to your respective labels with consistency. They will help you list accurately the product’s recommended use or purpose (health claim), dosage information, medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients and any cautions, warnings, contraindications or known adverse reactions associated with the product. The inner and outer labels will be analyzed to be useful for your clients and they will be clearly informed about your product’s benefits and usage.

Our experienced staff can perfect your labels in terms of accuracy, ingredient nomenclature, nutritional information, ingredient disclaimers and allergen statements, label language, health claims, translation and other technical information. In addition, you can be assured your label will meet the requirements of the governing Canadian regulatory authority for that product category or claim.


Health Canada establishes regulations and standards relating to the safety and nutritional quality of food sold in Canada. Through inspection and enforcement activities, the CFIA is responsible for verifying that food labels in Canada meet Health Canada’s requirements.

Our label specialists ensure your food label provides the basic product information (including common name, list of ingredients, net quantity, durable life date, grade/quality, country of origin and name and address of manufacturer, dealer or importer). In addition we make sure all your health, safety, and nutrition information is correct and clearly communicated. This includes instructions for safe storage and handling, nutrition information such as the quantity of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals present per serving of stated size of the food, and specific information on products for special dietary use. We also will inform you on which products require a Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) and which are exempt.

NFT (Nutrition Fact Table)

This is one of the most important parts of your product label and it’s what many customers spend the majority of their time reading; to discern the calorie count, fat content, nutrient values, and so on. Our specialists will provide the technical and graphical NFT requirements for your product (this involves measurement of your packaging and calculations) as well as populating the correct numbers within the NFT. The CFIA has volumes of provisions to understand when preparing the NFT – it can be a daunting process. Our team of experts can have this done quickly and accurately, having spent many years interpreting these rules and applying them to a wide range of products.

For more in-depth label work, we can go as far as testing your food product in a lab and creating a custom complete nutritional analysis. We can also analyze your ingredients and determine all the numerical values that are mandatory for food labels (i.e. nutritional values and percent daily values per serving, all of which must be rounded in compliance with government regulations). We can also ensure there are no potential serious hazards associated with a food, such as undeclared allergens, so consumers are safe and any potential recalls of the food are avoided. We also encourage considering the imperative for accurate food labelling for consumers with afflictions like Crohn’s disease and diabetes to determine what they can safely eat.

Because your label acts as a vehicle for food marketing, promotion and advertising (via label vignettes, promotional information and label claims such as low fat, cholesterol-free, high source of fibre, product of Canada, natural, organic, no preservatives added, and so on); our specialists take extra care so that your label reflects your product data in the most effective, meaningful and beneficial way.

In terms of regulatory compliance, the federal government’s decision to stop policing nutrition claims on food labels in 2012 lessened the risk for enforcement; however, this has not impacted the number-one reason products are seized or flagged by Health Canada – competitors filing complaints with inspectors. So in full, if your labels are done right, you will have satisfied, informed customers and retailers and your competitor won’t have anything to report!

Novel Foods

This is a fairly new category and has its own division apart from the NHPD and CFIA. Novel foods have been produced through new processes and do not have a history of safe use as human food. Under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, novel food labels are assessed with a different criteria; thus, it is important to have label specialists experienced in this diverse category with its complex system of rules for permitted claims, as well as what information you must provide to consumers.

Due to the novel nature of the product, it is vital to ensure labelling is understandable, truthful and not misleading. Our team researches thoroughly the characteristics – composition, nutritional value and intended use of the product – and ensures that all of the content reflects the whole story of the product in compliance with Health Canada.