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The natural health market covers wide terrain, including food, drinks, supplements, lifestyle, longevity and weight-management products. In this vast ocean of products and health claims, you must find ways to stand out among the countless natural health companies striving to be noticed both on the shelf and online.

Product labels do assist people in make buying decisions; however, don’t stop there – provide additional information and advice whenever possible. Of course, this is where guidance in marketing your products comes in handy.

The NuYuga team can assist your marketing efforts in the following avenues:

* Customized website; professionally SEO-optimized copywriting and marketing material, and an affiliate program to help you move products as well as marketing tools for those affiliates to use. We will show you the value of video marketing for search engine positioning and forming connections with prospects and clients, as well as tracking results with online analytics.

* Direct marketing from copy development to implementation; ads; videos; email campaigns; attention-grabbing visuals and designs for viral marketing campaigns; expert writing that is memorable, exciting and pulls in consumers; and creative social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) strategies.

* Small Run Targeted Direct Mail, Reward Programs, Cross Marketing, Targeted Media Buying, creatively used coupons for in- and out-of-store usage.

* Detailed research identifying and summarizing your target audience.

* Customized music (sound logo, song, jingle or instrumental) for any promotional usage.

* Customized app or mobile/iPad game to connect more broadly with your customer base, in partnership with our award-winning family company XMG Studios.

* NuYuga’s groundbreaking IdeaFrontier brainstorming sessions with you to cast your brand outside the box of convention – and allow for infinite creativity to blossom!

* Our exceptional Masters and PhD writing team, conjurers of magical copy for multiple marketing purposes (i.e. well-written captions that educate consumers, communicate your strengths, highlight favourable testimonials, or pique interest with genuine wit and charm).

* Consolidating the unique story of your product and company into a captivating vision.

* Customized laminated reference guides for marketing/sales support.

* Planning an informative workshop, demo, event, holistic conference where you can network with other communities to help promote your products in new and exciting ways.

In full, our portfolio demonstrates our talents and abilities in diverse areas. From unique design to web development and innovative media production, we look forward to learning about your product and assisting you in the best way to shine brightly.