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Cannabis for medical purposes under the Cannabis Act

Are you interested in participating in the cannabis industry? If so, you could take on a propitious position in a marketplace experts have heralded as “the birth of a billion-dollar medical marijuana industry in Canada”.

Recent sweeping changes in North American legislation regarding production and use of medicinal cannabis (marijuana) have opened a field of opportunity unprecedented in the history of Western civilization and commerce. Never before has a natural medicine so thoroughly prohibited yet with such vast and indomitable reach and a track record of thousands of years of therapeutic use by humans been, after decades forced underground, allowed back into the light of day and the market and research.

The ramifications of wise and decisive action in this field will still be growing generations from now.

As ever, science has preceded policy.

NuYuga’s core team bears decades of experience in this field and knows the entire marijuana industry, including legal medicinal, research & scientific, and industrial & agricultural interests, from top to bottom. With even a lineage of expertise and former experience in the underground “compassion” growing and trade market, we have complete and comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the cannabis universe.

Becoming a legal producer shares many similar procedures required for the licensing of natural health products. Our skilled and experienced team members in the medical marijuana industry will provide you a road map to success in fulfilling the requirements for your business. Of course, the decision does not come solely from a well-written and executed application – there are other factors involved in assessment, as well as financial and personal elements.

Our field experts will design and implement a turn-key medical marijuana production system for you from the ground up. We cover the entire cycle from seed to mouth, including industrial design and installation of the most advanced and productive indoor growing systems based on decades of experience, wholesale sourcing of all supplies and resources through our partner networks, and even staffing, guidance and introduction of the top qualified experts in the field to carry your venture high above water into the grand success it can be.

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