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Your success in the marketplace doesn’t just depend on labelling; packaging is a crucial factor as well. Our team of design experts can provide customized packaging that will increase your product’s profitability and appeal.

In addition to design, to be legally sold in Canada, all natural health products packaged domestically must be done so in a facility holding a site licence. If your current packaging location does not have a site licence, we can advise you in obtaining one either remotely or on-site, pending an investigation of your current system.

The NuYuga team is well versed in the federal Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (CPLA), which governs the packaging and labelling of your products in Canada. The federal Food and Drugs Act (FDA) governs packaging and labelling of food, natural health products, and cosmetics.

Our manufacturing partners offer a variety of packaging styles in all shapes and sizes, including:

    • Pouches
    • Jars in standard glass, Miron glass and BPA-free plastic
    • Bottles in standard glass, Miron glass and BPA-free plastic
    • Cartons
    • Blister Packaging
    • Pouch Packaging
    • Single Dose Packaging
    • Multi-Dose Packaging
    • Stick Pack Pouching
    • Powder Dose Packaging
    • Liquid Filling
    • Induction Sealing
    • Shrink Wrapping Services
    • Display Box Manufacturers
    • Folding Carton Manufacturers

Overall we support the most green-friendly and highest-quality packaging sources available, and are continuously researching and connecting with enlightened packaging companies that understand the importance of using environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, non-leaching, biodegradable and recyclable packaging wherever possible.

It is typical that packaging compliance is often the last item attended to in the “concept to store shelf” process. NuYuga came to later offer this service due to the maze of strict guidelines our past clients have asked for our help in navigating through. Ensuring that you correctly package your natural health product or food takes careful planning and attention to detail. When inexperienced companies sometimes take this in their own hands, we have seen how the slightest misstep can result in liabilities on many fronts, in addition to squandering valuable resources.

NuYuga packaging services not only include finding the perfect packaging materials, design, look and feel for your brand, we also ensure the materials used are eco-friendly and compatible with maintaining the integrity of the product (ie. choosing Miron Glass over plastic when possible, which not only prevents chemical leaching but also preserves and enhances the quality of your product). After assessing your complete project, we choose from dozens of partners to select the best-priced choice perfectly suited to your needs. Finally, the entire packaging plan is assessed for compliancy, ensuring that from every angle you are covered. Compliancy covers a myriad of technical details, ie. measurements, materials, temperature and humidity response, etc.

The NuYuga team leaves no detail unattended.