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NuYuga’s winning team of researchers, herbalists, nutritionists, scientists, doctors, naturopaths, holistic practitioners, formulators, manufacturers, herbalists, alchemists and wizards can assist you in any part of the research and development of your product. It is an asset to get perspectives from as many of these experts as possible and leave no stone unturned when it comes to the success of your product.

To illustrate a case example, a client presented a new spray product for therapeutic usage and was convinced it was destined for great success pursuant to having spent over $40,000 in development. After consultation with our expert team, it was determined that the product as presented was risky due to a narrow safety range, there was a lack of pharmacological and toxicological data, and there was an element of toxicity that needed to be mitigated.

Furthermore, the product shelf life was tested and found to be less than 4 months, which can turn larger retail franchises away from carrying a product. Additional inspection revealed bacterial issues with the type of packaging chosen as spray pump, and the type of plastic packaging was not the best suited for longevity of the product. Researchers also found one of the ingredients to be “novel” (and thus considered risky by Health Canada), recommending its omission due to the dearth of evidence supporting its safety and efficacy. Our due diligence further discovered that the client’s cost of ingredients could be lowered substantially through our expertise in sourcing, and that adding one key ingredient would give the client a critical unique advantage in allowable health claims on their packaging – differentiating their product utterly from all others in the market. The list of benefits the client would have accrued to examine these issues in the conception stage of the product development  – instead of after spending $40,000 in pilot production – went on.

In other words, utilizing our team expertise, you are bound to discover something new that will result in better quality and marketability. We can share countless stories of how our team took a concept and amplified its success, manifest to the delight of our clients. What may take a novice client several months or years to understand, our team can present with a fraction of the time and resources. We present the view from the mountaintop for you to see a complete 360-degree snapshot of vital aspects to consider.

Our researchers can provide you with all the evidence-based papers and research that support the product you are considering. Our award-winning team members range from PhD to Masters graduates and have each spent ten to forty years in the natural health industry – it is integral that they not only possess the skills but also the practical understanding of the market and what it takes to make a successful product on all levels. We can also do a market analysis and due diligence to ensure you know everything about the market you are entering, existing similar products, the expectation for growth in this sector and other vital data that will assist in your success.

The rest of our team can assist at multiple levels depending on where you are in your development and requirements. The idea is that we have every expert available to give their insight on how you can produce the best product from every angle conceivable – that is the key to our success in R&D. In NuYuga contracts we consider every angle of the market and consult the right experts for your product  to guide its way to success. Our creative team attends every major health show in North America as well as key conferences worldwide – we are always on the cutting edge of what is innovative, with our community spanning vastly in all directions to allow for maximum expertise in our consultation.

Some are under the impression that R&D is only for big companies with large budgets – this is not the case with NuYuga. Our greatest wealth is our team and we are excited to lend its expertise…and our only mandate is to meet your needs and budget. All ideas of benefit to others deserve their day in the sun. Join our exponentially-growing network of the highest quality conscious health and wellness products and services available in the world…a community in which NuYuga is honoured to serve.