A Shift Hit The Fan

//A Shift Hit The Fan

A Shift Hit The Fan

The new regulatory regime for natural health products and foods is designedly a complex labyrinth to navigate. Acquiring a licence for your herbal health or food product requires research, paperwork, integration and implementation of the regulations and umpteen hours of communication and verifications.

Creating a Nutrition Facts Table, for example, may seem like a simple task, yet it can take several hours of combing through and interpreting the compliancy regulations – and if inexperience leads to omissions or errors, your product could be seized as inadmissible or another contender in the market may file for an investigation.

Do you have a site licence for your food products? Spring 2014 will see this new mandatory requirement brought online by Health Canada.

Does your natural health product have an NPN? All NHPs are now coming under the scrutiny and jurisdiction of Health Canada – and we have already been called upon to step in and help keep known and trusted national brands on the shelf and available for sale to Canadians following seizures and import blockages by government bodies.

The newly created Novel Food Division is evolving daily in its scope and mandate as the burgeoning movement of functional and therapeutic foods demonstrates the shift in nutritional awareness taking place across Canada and worldwide, and governmental efforts to keep up with and manage this field of innovation and experimentation on behalf of public health.

This new chapter in our adventure story of bringing natural health and wellness to primacy in the collective consciousness of the world under the oversight of national and international regulatory agencies may appear daunting or even perilous. Rest assured that it is simply a new set of game rules to operate within and the intended outcome for all stakeholders is an industry of authenticity and true health.

Your NuYuga team has the lay of the land and can facilitate your transition through the regulatory maze with grace. Please read our Regulatory & Compliance page for further information.

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