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“In my industry, confidentiality, prompt follow-up and successful execution are vital. We felt at ease immediately with the high level of professionalism that NuYuga exuded and felt we could implicitly trust their staff with our private information. We received our product licences successfully and were navigated through all of our regulatory needs, including obtaining a fulfillment house and site licensing.”

– Klamath Algae Products (makers of E3Live)

“The NuYuga team provided outstanding service for our franchise in our private label project – we imagined it and they created it! They provided expertise in product development, marketing, research and regulatory matters. If you are seeking a company that delivers what they promise and more, NuYuga is certainly the right fit.”

– Canadian Decompression and Pain Centers

“I was very impressed with NuYuga’s vast array of clients, which range from celebrity experts to franchises like Herbal Magic. Their diverse portfolio of projects demonstrates that they can handle any project of any size and complexity and deliver a successful outcome. If you are looking for a professional company with vision, don’t look any further – NuYuga is the best way to go!”

– Knowledge Products

“NuYuga helped direct our food and supplement line during a key phase of development in a changing regulatory environment. The research and service provided was comprehensive and trustworthy.”

– Herbal Magic, Weight Loss & Nutrition Centres